KMITL has implemented projects and guidelines to reduce water consumption within the institute and ensure water efficiency. For example, sanitary sensors were installed in restrooms to reduce excess water waste and a wastewater reuse program to retain treated wastewater for reuse in activities that do not require much water purity, such watering lawns and trees.

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An effective microorganisms project uses organic and food waste to make effective microorganisms for use in wastewater treatment and water quality improvement in the institute. It helps reduce the cost of waste disposal, air pollution, and chemical contamination in wastewater.

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An EM ball project produce EM balls that consist of rice husk, rice polish, rough rice molasses, soil, and EM for use in wastewater treatment. EM balls help decompose organic matter in wastewater before it is released into surrounding natural water resources. The project is part of the environmental and social responsibility efforts taken by the institute.

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