KMITL Bike was born under the vision of enhancing fellow students and faculty members living experience with the campus while also acting as a showcase for students. I believe this institution, as well as, other institution, have students who have potentials to in their respective fields. Institutions should do their best to utilize these valuable resources as it creates a sense of pride for all parties while also provide a skipping stone for the students in their future career. KMITL Bike creates an opportunity for students to create a product/service that will be used by their peers. While this goal has not currently been achieved yet, we also wanted KMITL Bike to act as a bridge that connects students from different faculties who are experts in their domains to collaborate and share their knowledge eventually creating a holistic approach to solve larger problems.

Since KMITL campus covers quite a distance and consists of several buildings, KMITL Bike mission is to provide a mode of transportation that allows students and faculty members to navigate around the campus with ease while supporting the Green Campus initiative.

Before introducing KMITL Bike, we have been working in a similar manner; KMITL Bike pilot phase. Back in the time before our current version of our smart bicycle fleet management system, the pilot fleet is a community-based bicycle sharing system built under the Green Campus Initiative presented by KMITL International College. Our service allows users to borrow and return bicycle from anywhere anytime by using their smartphone acting as a key to unlock the bike.

The main purpose of KMITL Bike is to encourage KMITL students and faculty members to use green transport such as bicycle as the go-to method in commuting within the campus as opposing to eco-unfriendly motor vehicles.

In order to encourage people to switch from their old ways of commuting, we need to make our alternative as simple and easy to use as possible. The key is to allow users to be able to use the service with only the thing that they always have with them: their smartphone. That smartphone acts as a bridge that connects between the server and the bicycle’s lock unit. When a user presses “Borrow” from the app on their phone, our Bike server will authenticate user’s info, if the user is eligible to use the service, the server will send a key to the lock unit which will a mechanism to unlock automatically. Additionally, our bike fleet management system is one of succeeded KMITL’ s international college educational project. Students are educated on how to apply knowledge in various fields to the real industry. Furthermore, KMITL Bike is willing to expanding our system to organizations or universities which demand to resolve their last- mile transportation issue and producing an eco-friendly environment.


Currently, there are several entities involving in KMITL Bike development. These collaborations aim to integrate the knowledge in distinct fields and build innovations.

  • Software Engineering Department, Faculty of engineering.
  • Faculty of Architecture.
  • KMITL Research and Innovation Services (KRIS).

Application Usage

To use the KMITL Bike service, the user has to obtain the application from either Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. After the application is successfully downloaded and installed, the user has to do further in-app registration with the email associated with the KMITL Gmail account and then verify the registered-account with the send code received by the given email. Within our application, users are allowed to rent the bikes which are placed in the university by following these 4 main steps.

  1. Log in with the pre-registered account.
  2. Find a bike.
  3. Scan the QR code which attached to the bike.
  4. Use the bike and return within the application when the session is done.
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