Energy and Climate Change

The dramatically increasing impact of climate change and global warming are KMITL’s priority concerns. KMITL takes the responsibility for the environment and the balance- maintaining of environment and technology as the top important goals of the institute. To tackle the goal, we implement the project to develop the institute into sustainable green university.

KMITL’s Smart University Innovations

KMITL’s Smart University Innovations is a pilot innovation in order to be a smart sustainable green university. Moreover, the innovations have been designed to apply to the institute and commercial organization. and to accomplish KMITL’s main goal “To be first and support the society”. It has the implemented innovations, as follow:

KMITL’s Smart bus stop

Accordingly, Thailand have suffered with air pollution crisis, small pollen PM2.5, in 2018. The Smart City Innovations research academy (SCiRA) of KMITL has designed the smart bus stop. The smart bus stop’s applications are to monitor particulate matters and show people the PM2.5 rate at the bus stop instantly, so people can see the current air quality. Furthermore, the project has been interested by international many Non-Government Organizations and has been extended to be an international collaborated project.

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  • Solar cell water treatment machine: This is KMITL’s innovation for self- generated water treatment. KMITL’s natural water reservoirs has been treated by self-generated water treatment machine. The machine’s energy for operating is installed at the top of the machine. The water in the reservoir is treated by oxygen stirring for improving resolved oxygen in the reservoir by turbines.
  • KMITL’s footpath lighting: KMITL’s footpath lighting is a self-generation lighting. The footpath lighting’s power has been generated from solar cells that are installed at the top of the lighting and store power in small batteries for operating at night.

KMITL’s Green building standard’s policy

KMITL’s awareness of the importance of energy saving and reducing environmental impact in every process, from buildings designing to buildings functioning. Therefore, the institute has implemented the policy for building standard for new established buildings. Standard for new established designed buildings must be ranked upper than silver-level of LEED’s green building standard. As a result, the KMITL’s Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology’s latest building designing and the “Hi-Tech” building’s designing were awarded 2E’s building award in 2018.


2E’s building design award was been established for energy conservative building design by department of alternative energy development and energy conservation. The building design was composed of many elements of green building such as energy efficient appliances, renewable energy’s building system, translucent wall for natural light utilizing, light shielding for sunlight controlling and green material of building.

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Energy Conservation program

Since energy saving is one of the most important climate actions, KMITL has various and creative policies and campaigns for energy saving. It has implemented policies and campaigns to reduce energy consumption, as follow:

  • Labels and Stickers for awareness campaign to reduce energy consumption
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