Decent Work and Economic Growth

Employment practice

Since the institute has transferred into an autonomous university under the supervision of Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, the institute has two types of personnel. There are the civil servant and the institute staff. The civil servants are those who work with the institute before the transfer and the institute staff are who join after. In which, civil servants receive salaries from the Comptroller General's Department, Ministry of Finance. Whereas, institution staff receive salaries directly from the institution. Notwithstanding the types of personnel, both civil servants and institute staff have equal rights and welfare.

In 2018, per Thailand's Labour Protection Act, the minimum wage in Thailand was 308 baht per day (approximately 38.5 baht per hour). For government agencies, the minimum salary was set to be 15,000 baht per month (approximately 62.5 baht per hour). These rates were well studied to be sufficient for meeting basic needs of a household. KMITL is obligated to follow this policy. As a matter of fact, all KMITL staff and faculty were at least the living wage, most were paid well beyond the rate depending on their degree, responsibilities, and capabilities. The rates were equal among men and women.

Faculty Senate of KMITL

We have the Faculty Senate of KMITL, not only for women and international staff, but also for all staff, to promote ethics and create our KMITL unity. The senate serves somewhat like a labour union for KMITL staff members. We believe that everyone has equal rights, regardless of genders, religion or rank. Responsibilities of Faculty Senate of KMITL are as follows, but not be limited to:

  1. Provide advices and recommendations to the President and the Institute Council regarding the administration of the institution.
  2. Create and promote the unity of the faculties and staff members of the institute.
  3. Promote morals, ethics, conducts and supports the honor of the faculty and staff of the institute.
  4. Perform other duties that are assigned by the President or the Institute Council.

Our institute has faculty senate of KMITL who set the KMITL staff ethics, including a policy on discrimination and non-illegal labor based on religion, sexuality, gender, and age in the workplace and their punishment equally. Every staff has acknowledged and accepted the policy with the employee acknowledgment letter on the first day of work.

Pay scale

In Thailand, gender inequality problems have been significantly dissolved. All genders including LGBT have the same rights by default including pay scale. As a public university, KMITL fully recognize gender equality and comply with the national policy. Approximately 20% of KMITL top management including the Member of Institute Council, Deans, Executive VPs, and Directors are female. There are no pay gaps by gender at all. Pay rates and raises of both genders have not been significantly different. It depends on qualifications and job responsibilities.