Clean Energy

KMITL has a plan to improve the building’s electricity efficiency. Currently, we have a project to install Solar rooftop in the building and a project to increase the efficiency of using lights by using LEDs. Currently, these projects have been helping KMITL vastly in energy saving. So for, we have save approximately 46.05 toe/year. Moreover, we also reduced the cost of using the energy and resulted in cost saving by 2,144,178 baht/year.

By installing the projects above, it results in the reduction of the total energy used in each month as detailed in the table below. The table shows how the quality of electricity has been reduced in each month.

Quantity before installation (units)* Quantity after installation (units)**
85,760 55,120
96,560 48,980
120,600 51,160
97,800 43,730
105,590 48,080
65,840 57,680
* The data are from January to June 2018
** The data are from October to March 2019

KMITL provides “Project for procurement of energy efficiency standards for Residential house”, collaborated project with the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, the government organization to develop the standards of energy efficiency for improving Thailand’s energy efficiency. The project has been provided to tackle Thailand’s energy efficiency plan. The project’s research process has been finished and the project has been published and promoted in 2019.

Moreover, The Energy Conservation program. Since energy saving is one of the most important climate actions, KMITL has various and creative policies and campaigns for energy saving. It has implemented policies and campaigns to reduce energy consumption such as labels and stickers for an awareness campaign to reduce energy consumption.