Gender Equality

KMITL support participation of female students and staff within the institution. Therefore, various activities within the institution, all female and LGBT students and staffs can attend. For the example of such activities:

  • Ceremony of tie pin decoration: a ceremony to hand students a tie and “Mahamakut” pin, which is a symbol of the Institute for the freshmen. The ceremony aims let the student be aware of how to live and perform well throughout the period of study within the institution.
  • Nang Nopphamat beauty contest: In Loy Krathong Festival, KMITL organize the beauty contest and we allow transgender people to attend this event. This attend was not for only in this event but in any event in the university, KMITL never prohibited transgender people to do anything in our university.

Moreover, KMITL has a policy to support female employees who are pregnant. By subsidizing the maternity expense in the amount of 50,000 baht, employees can take maternity leave for 90 days and can take another parental leave for 150 days. Such policies can be found in the "Institutional Employee Handbook" in Chapter 3 and the welfare and benefits of institutional staff on page 18 in sections 5.2 10.2 and 10.3, respectively. Finally, The institute does not exclude the activities and education of the students who are setting up within the institution. Thus, students can study and work while setting up the school as appropriate.

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