Quality Education

KMITL provides free access to educational resources for students, staff, cooperated organizations, alumni, and the general public, including free computer services at the computer service center, free KMITL Wi-Fi all over the campus area. Moreover, the institute also offers free access to educational materials and media such as academic databases, e-books, minitheater for education, co-working space, reading and conference rooms in the Central Library and other libraries such as the library of the Faculty of Architecture. In 2018, there were approximately 232,495 loans from KMITL personnel.

In addition, laboratory services such as the concrete testing services at Civil Engineering Department and the analytical chemistry services at Chemistry Department are available for the public with minimum fees. Notably, in collaboration with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), the Maker Space Robotics Laboratory was set up to produce 3D printing prototypes for supporting Thailand’s digital innovation industry.

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Thailand Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

We have supported the general public by providing 14 online courses for vocational training through the Thailand Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) website: https://thaimooc.org/site/KMITL_MOOC/ such as Principles of Agricultural Extension, Principles of Agricultural Economics, Short Film Production, etc. for giving an opportunity to people, who cannot participate in the university, to be able to study in their interest. KMITL also has planned to increase online courses and programs that comply with SDGs.

KMITL has established KMITL Research and Innovation Services (KRIS) to host educational events and also job training programs aimed educate the general public as follows:

  1. Basic safety drone flying courses by the International Academy of Aviation Industry.
  2. Self-establishing startup business training programs by the Faculty Administration and Management.
  3. Energy and environmental conservation events at Wat Bueng Bua primary school Energy and environmental conservation events at Wat Bueng Bua primary school in Ladkrabang District to educate students and raise their awareness about household water treatment and 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), etc. The institute believes that basic knowledge education is a core of human development that makes our society stronger.
  4. Creator Space (NEXT) KMITL, Krung Thai Bank, True Digital Park, and over 10 partners announced that Creator Space (NEXT) is the place for innovators, creators, and the digital community. The general public can also come and create your innovations at Creator Space (NEXT), in the middle of Bangkok.
  5. The Young STEM Entrepreneur Student Exchange Program In 2018, the institute hosted a great number of educational outreach events in many places such as the Young STEM Entrepreneur & Student Exchange Program that was opened for the third batch of youth aged 9-14 years old. STEM education is believed to be the answer to human development in the present time. The program is a collaboration between the Faculty of Liberal Arts, KMITL, Penang Tech Center, Malaysia, and Thailand Global Entrepreneurship. It is aimed to build a STEM and digital marketing foundation for young people to improve their knowledge and skills that will enable them to develop innovation for international entrepreneurs in the future.
  6. “Nanotechnology Controls Plant Diseases, Increases Productivity, Increases Income for Farmers” Program The program is the volunteer project for community development, natural resource and environmental preservation, and proper use of natural resources, whether in a survey stage or implementation stage, in the following areas: educational, public utilities, transportation, landscaping, environmental preservation, and public health. Our students get direct experiences that enable them to gain true understandings of how society works, how to educate people and promote awareness of social responsibility, especially toward rural communities.