Good Health and Wellbeing

KMITL has a medical clinic, the service provided by KMITL medical clinic is to provide care, prevention, treatment and advice regarding taking care of own heath and local community heath. For more detail :

KMITL has volunteering programs which help community to improve and promote health & wellbeing. The voluntary program in 2018 that we had were:

  1. Giving basic medical treatment
  2. Visiting bedridden patient
  3. Providing general disease examination services for health education

The institute has many sports for students, staffs, and general publics from the surrounding community. The sports facilities of the institution are both free and inexpensive. Free sports facilities:

  • Running court
  • Rugby field
  • KMITL bike Paid sports facilities:
  • Swimming pool
  • Standard size football field
  • Badminton court

For more detail: