Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

KMITL has specific departments that oversee the stakeholders within the institution, residents, private agencies and community representatives of the institution. The organization, named KMITL’s Integrity and transparency Assessment (ITA), was established in response to the spirit and transparency of the administration's policies and practices. The ITA has the duty to supervise the all departments, the institute’s personnel and the stakeholder, for identifying and accepting complaints, also to develop the institute to be moral and transparency institute, in order to increase the strength of the institution.

KMITL has run policy about morality and transparency for administration. As the institute is aware of the importance of the national strategy on prevention and suppression of corruption. The institute appreciates the need of good governance, in order to follow the institution's identity. The institute has published some documents related to the policy as follows:

  • Moral policy and transparency in institution management, the document on management policies and transparent operations.

Moreover, KMITL has academic services to provide advice to the government agencies on various matters, such as the following: KMITL provides “Thailand High Speed Train Research and Development Center for Testing and Technology Transfer”, which is a research center for technology development and dissemination of government’s macro-projects level. According to the government policy to develop railway infrastructure between Thailand and the People's Republic of China, the Bangkok - Nong Khai route which is a connection of transportation routes between Thailand and The Democratic People's Republic of Laos and China, that could bring economic and tourism benefits. In line with China's One belt One Road policy, Thailand acts as the investor to develop medium-speed trains into the 250 kilometers/hour high-speed train. The route between Bangkok - Nakhon Ratchasima will be proceeded first, and will be extended to Nong Khai, to connect with the Laos and China railway project.

Finally, KMITL provides “Project for procurement of energy efficiency standards for Residential house”,  collaborated project with the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, the government organization to develop the standards of energy efficiency for improving Thailand’s energy efficiency. The project has been provided to tackle Thailand’s energy efficiency plan. The project’s research process has been finished and the project has been published and promoted in 2019.

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