Life on land

The institute has various projects that promote conservation and sustainability. Those outstanding projects are shown below:

  • A project for the design and development of new sustainable agriculture in accordance with the royal initiative "Pakoi Wah" The institute has a project to develop and design land scape under the concept of "Khok Nong Na Model (stalls, swamps and farms model)" water management, to store water both on the ground (with Nong (swamps), Khlong Sai Kai (canals) and Khanna (ridge)) and underground (3 kinds forests 4 benefits as according to the royal initiative). In Ban Huai Krating, Prathat Sub-district, Mae Ramat District, Tak Province, the institute carries out training and knowledge about area development for the surrounding communities. Also to join the communities to build a water tank Improve the scenery and proportion of agricultural areas, to achieve efficient water management and sustainable agriculture, including packaging design to create sustainable income for the community.
  • Recovering bald mountains in Nan province, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, together with Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Limited, Institute of Sufficiency Economy, Agri - Nature Foundation, academia, public sectors, private sectors, civil society, civil society, religion, and mass media, create a learning area: Kanom Krock hole (Kanom Krock hole: a kind of Thai sweetmeat) on high ground to restore nature. As well as examples of those who have changed from intruders to guardians to inspire the people all over the country. Also, inherit the King's science and local wisdom at Sri Nan National Park, Ban Huai Laot, Chiang Khong Sub-district, Na Noi District, Nan Province

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