Climate Action

The institute is aware of the effects of climate change and the importance of adaptation to the livelihood of communities and countries. The institute therefore has many projects in order to educate the community and be aware of the impacts. Thus, the institute provides local education programs or campaigns on climate change risks, impacts, mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning for local community (Hua Ta Khe community) for instance:

  • World meteorological database and application; a website and mobile application for iOS and Android devices provides global meteorological and natural disaster data for free for public benefit. All data, except earthquake repots, that appear in website and WMApp are produced using computer model and algorithms developed in research of Asst. Prof. Dr. Chinawat Surussavadee.
  • Ladkrabang Model is a project for the development of local community, Hua Ta Khe, by passing on knowledge, innovation and expertise of the faculty, students and staffs of the KMITL to engage such as dredging the canals, garbage collection in order to open a drainage and adjust the landscape around the water source along the community, improvement of bridge handrails. Moreover, there are educational service campaigns such as organizing a workshop to provide knowledge and demonstration on the development of DIY grease trap to manage fat or waste from the household, development of Hua Ta Khe Local Learning Center to facilitate the education of the new generation. The institute also provides the health measurement services, as well as providing knowledge on how to prevent Aedes mosquitoes. The KMITL anticipates that this King Mongkut's volunteer activity will be one of the models for community development of educational institutions, as well as to the other institutes across the country, to develop communities into good environment in the future.
  • Recovering bald mountains in Nan province, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, together with Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Limited, Institute of Sufficiency Economy, Agri - Nature Foundation, academia, public sectors, private sectors, civil society, civil society, religion, and mass media, create a learning area: Kanom Krock hole (Kanom Krock hole: a kind of Thai sweetmeat) on high ground to restore nature. There are examples of those who have changed from intruders to guardians to inspire the people all over the country. Moreover, the campaign also inherits the King's Legacy and local wisdom at Sri Nan National Park, Ban Huai Laot, Chiang Khong Sub-district, Na Noi District, Nan Province
  • Project to develop a model for measuring air quality management under the concept of intelligent city, (case study of open space and public areas, Bangkok), During the past 2 Years, Bangkok began to appearance the problem of dust particle that are smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2.5), especially in the Winter. Technology and innovation can make understanding this phenomenon, the problem, and able to quickly deal with air pollution that are the currently challenge and issues in the urban context. The objectives of this research are to (1) develop a platform for measuring and managing air quality levels in Bangkok (2) measure the weather, pollution and PM2.5 dust in open spaces and public spaces in Bangkok (3) install and measure the weather, pollution and PM2.5 dust in King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang and (4) develop air quality level models in open spaces and public spaces in Bangkok, and (5) suggest the policy guidelines to solve and reduce PM2.5 dust and pollution problems in the short, medium and long term.